About Vazoom

It all started in the basement of a Philadelphia based broadcast radio station way back in the crazy Y2K days.  Remember those crazy times…if you were even born yet of course! 

 It started with a few servers and some dial in modem boxes to give people a way to obtain easy and affordable Internet access.  Shortly thereafter we began helping individuals and companies with getting their own personalized email and websites up and running.  People wanted somebody they could depend on and trusted to take care of the complicated technical stuff.  From there the rest is history!   

About the Founder

Hi there! I’m Rhian Block. Founder of Vazoom.  I have a passion for  technology and enjoy helping individuals and businesses with their technology needs.  I am from the Philadelphia area and lived in this area for my entire life.  I have held many positions in the field of Information Technology and have provided consulting services to a variety of small/medium sized organizations. 

My goal has and will always be to offer my knowledge and capabilities of Vazoom to help individuals and businesses with their technology needs.

I look forward to working with you!

Fun Logo History

2004 - Present


Helping Individuals 100%
Helping Businesses 100%