About Vazoom

It all started in the basement of a Philadelphia-based broadcast radio station way back in the crazy Y2K days. Remember those wild times… if you were even born yet, of course!

With just a few servers and some dial-in modem boxes, our mission began: to provide easy and affordable Internet access to individuals. Soon after, we expanded our services to assist both individuals and companies in setting up their own personalized email accounts and websites. The demand was clear – people wanted a dependable and trustworthy source to handle the complex technical aspects. And so, our journey unfolded, becoming an unforgettable part of history.

About the Founder

I’m Rhian Block, the founder of Vazoom. Technology is my passion, and I take great pleasure in assisting individuals and businesses with their technology needs.  Throughout my career, I have held numerous positions in the Information Technology field and have provided consulting services to a diverse range of small and medium-sized organizations.

My ongoing objective is to leverage the knowledge and capabilities of Vazoom to effectively meet the technology needs of individuals and businesses. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you and provide the necessary support to address your unique technology requirements.

Thank you for considering Vazoom. I eagerly anticipate the chance to work together and contribute to your technology success.

Fun Logo History

2004 - Present


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